Saturday, 23 August 2014


Woke up yesterday to a great surprise. A wonderful review of Be Kind on Tiny Mixtapes. Over the freakin' moon. Click HERE to read it in its natural habitat, or just scroll below... Thanks TMT! MK

DoubleDotDash might be the most wildly inconsistent, content-wise, cassette label out there, but it also might be the most consistently rewarding. The label that brought you that INSANE Blackhoods tape as well as worthwhile releases from Workin Man Noise Unit and Personnel shifts gears yet again to bring you Wild Island’s Be Kind, an Amen Dunes-ish exodus into solo-songwriter territory that makes more sense emanating from a cave than the speakers of a record room. The fidelity of this release is perfect for the tape medium, as it hisses a bit, and sounds like the wind is blowing throughout, yet all the little accents Knight tosses in get fully fleshed out. These are songs you can reminisce to, or sit by a creek and space-out to on headphones, or watch the drifting clouds to, or fall in love to; it all makes sense as Knight constantly offers the listener fresh reasons to spelunk further down his hollow hole. The flip even provides some blurry, heavier instrumentals if you’re looking for something a little more electric (Remember, I said IF: I actually prefer the mellower material.), not to mention a hulking bed of noise we heard less of on Side A. All in a days work for Knight and, by extension, DDD.

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